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EISEN74, Logo, Berlin, Eventlocation in Berlin

Hi. We are EISEN74.

EISEN74, Eventlocation in Berlin, Simon Wirth

Simon C. Wirth

Simon fell in love with the pavilion on Eisenacher Strasse and the surrounding neighborhood at first sight. With the help of interior architect Jonas Klock, he has created a modular space that is as versatile as the people who enter it.  The focus here was on minimalism and sustainability. Simon is already successfully managing the Brilliant Apartments in Prenzlauer Berg. EISEN74 is his heart project.

EISEN74, Eventlocation in Berlin, Julia Stefanski

Julia Stefanski
Space Management

Julia rief eines Tages Simon an und sagte ihm, dass sie im EISEN74 als Event Managerin arbeiten will. Zwei Wochen später unterschrieb sie den Vertrag.
Sie hat viel Erfahrung im Organisieren von Events aller Art und liebt es, den Raum individuell neu für euch zu gestalten. Sie lebt im Schöneberger Kiez und legt Wert auf hohe Qualität bei Catering und Ausstattung. Die Zusammenarbeit mit lokalen Dienstleister*innen macht ihr besonders Spaß.

the atmosphere

The design of EISEN74 is designed to inspire people. The minimalism and restriction to what is necessary offers plenty of space for your development. The result is a space that is changeable and airy. We enjoy the openness of the high windows and the light that comes in from outside. 


Sustainability is very important to us. At EISEN74 we make sure to work as sustainably as possible. We always try to do without paper, use furniture made from sustainable materials and attach great importance to equipment that is as plastic-free as possible. We also focus on healthy and vegetarian food in our catering and do without packaging. 


EISEN74 is a place of inclusion and diversity where we want to create an atmosphere of respect and tolerance for everyone. We believe in the equality of all people regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political opinions or social class

and therefore do NOT support events with discriminatory views. 

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